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Making Sure We Don’t Get Lost

Hey there! Thanks for checking back in!

In Recent preperations for our new adventures we bought a Garmin GPS. So far we have used it around town just testing it out here and there and I will say its working great! Here’s the pros and cons of our particular GPS.


Large enough screen to put it all the way at the bottom of the windshield while still being able to clearly see the maps.

Clear spoken words

Crisp Speaker

Simple design-one button and a touch screen

User friendly- I did not even need the manual to set this bugger up!


The voice prompt for your next directional moves do not come soon enough. I am finding that they announce the next move when you are nearly on top of it. Therefore not providing enough time for you to visually find it. I did however call Garmin, they advised me to connect it to our computer and do an update to the device. That it should fix that issue, they even offered to send us a free USB cord without me having to request! Now that is customer service right there! I have not had the time to do the update on this device just yet. I will update this post once I have completed that.

Overall we really like this GPS and have no intent of returning it. I am very happy we were able to purchase this product!

My husband plans to run the cord under the dash board and hooking it directly into our Chrysler’s power supply. This way the cord is not dangling around while we are driving. I am concerned that it will become tangled in the steering controls. This way it will be safely tucked away.

Update: We have moved the GPS from the Right corner, to very low in the center. I feel it is less distracting, as well as out of my line of vision here. Also the USB cord they sent (free of charge) arrived in 4 days! That was SPEEDY!

Peddle to the metal, lets go go go!

Peddle to the metal, lets go go go!


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Explode The Code Addict

Welcome to our Daily Learning section! Here is where you will find all of our trials and success’ in the world of homeschooling a Sticky Booger!

The Professor has used Explode The Code since day 1 of his journey, and has always loved it! Even now, 3 1/2 years later, he will easily complete his pages interdependently now. At times even, with little to no instruction from me. I ask him to do 2 pages daily but more often than not he is doing 3+ pages! This book is what we use as our warm up, it really gets his gears turning. Something not to hard but not to easy, while getting his hands warmed up for handwriting! I have hopes to use this program all the way to the end. I would love to try out Beyond The Code as well. Have any of you tried this? What are you opinions on it?

When The Professor was in books A,B, and C, we worked together through each page typically doing one page every day of the week and depending on his mood we would sometimes do as many as he wanted. I remember when we first started he did 12 pages in one day! I was so proud of him! My biggest fear of letting him work at that pace was him forgetting things. But he didn’t, this kid has always had spurts every few weeks where he just willingly spends much more time than expected doing many many pages! I am so thankful for his willingness and eagerness to learn!

He was so excited to get his first 100% on the spelling page in book 3!

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In case You Didn’t Know!

Did you know that Confessions of A Homeschooler runs free products! Right now on her site you can find a Johannes Brahms Unit Study FREE!

Head on over and check it out! We used her Letter of The Week curriculum when The Professor was in Preschool, and we had just gotten started on our homeschooling journey! I highly recommend all of her products!

Confessions of A Homeschooler is now offering:

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Digging In Deep

Hey guys! Starting this Monday we will be really digging into our curriculum. Until now we have only been taking bites here and there. With all of the change going on in our life we have been very distracted. If you read my previous post Whats In The Bag, then you already know what we have picked out for the year. We have really simplified our lives and as much as its amazing, it will require a little bit of creativity on my part in order to keep things interesting. We are really getting back to basics but still want things to be fun. Rather than having an abundance of ‘stuff’ I have hopes to do more exploring. Really make some awesome memories this year with our kids!

What are some of your favorite memories from last year? Share in the comments below! If you have a blog feel free to link below this post and show off your memories!

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Where ARE We Going?

Hey everyone! With my husband’s job on the horizons we have been prepping to hit the road as you know! We still don’t know for sure when and where we will end up, all we are certain of is that we will be together.

For our family this quote could not be anymore true. Home is where memories are made. Home is not a place, a house, a building, it is where we are together making memories. This, can happen anywhere in the world!

Here’s to our journey ahead!

If you are anxious and interested in hearing more about where we will land, and what sights and places we travel to be sure and give that follow button a tap!

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Where are We Now?

If you have managed to come across this blog by some dumb luck, I would like to welcome you and hope that you will continue to join me on our homeschooling journey.

Our family is about to embark on a new adventure in the world of homeschooling. We are in our third year of homeschooling and our adventure is about to get CRAZY! Not only is this our first year schooling 2, but we are also awaiting to embark on a road-school adventure!

We have been preparing for our major downsize for the last 2 1/2 months. We are hoping the end is near as our house is nearly empty and we have started collecting the various things we will need while we travel. I cannot believe the amount of stuff we have hauled out of our home to make this new adventure happen! To give you a mental image of what our home looks like right now… picture this, matress’ on the floor, every piece of clothes packed apart from a one week stash left in the closets, two dressers, one TV, school supplies, the toys consist of a toy kitchen, play-food, wooden blocks, Duplo blocks, Legos, and School Zone Tablets for our big kids. This apart from a few random plastic dishes is all that remains in our house.

Don’t get me wrong, this downsize was hard. VERY HARD. But looking back I am so glad that we did it! I look around our empty house and honestly the only thing I miss is our couch ( it would be nice to not sit on the floor, ya know). The rest was just stuff, that is what I kept telling myself as we were purging the house! By golly did we have A LOT of stuff! When this is all said and done what is left of our entire house will fit in 3/4 of a small bedroom! It’s amazing what prospects of a new life, new adventure, new surroundings, new job, new everything, can do for motivating a family loaded down with stuff!

If you are wondering when we plan to leave, well that is a great question. We are leaving as soon as we get the call! At this point as of this moment today at 10:39 pm on a Friday night we have no idea when or where we will land. On one hand that is frightening! On the other hand its strangely euphoric almost. I am actually enjoying the empty house! My husband went to a trade school in California and is now certified to maintain the wind turbines. We are currently just waiting for a call on a very promising job. This job will have us traveling at least 50% of the time if not more. We have prepared ourselves for as much as 100% travel though. We can hardly stand the anticipation!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about what curriculum and supplies we have saved and plan to use for the school year!

What else do you do with empty suitcases while you wait for launch day! Ride them of course!

What else do you do with empty suitcases while you wait for launch day?  Ride them of course!

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