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Making Sure We Don’t Get Lost

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In Recent preperations for our new adventures we bought a Garmin GPS. So far we have used it around town just testing it out here and there and I will say its working great! Here’s the pros and cons of our particular GPS.


Large enough screen to put it all the way at the bottom of the windshield while still being able to clearly see the maps.

Clear spoken words

Crisp Speaker

Simple design-one button and a touch screen

User friendly- I did not even need the manual to set this bugger up!


The voice prompt for your next directional moves do not come soon enough. I am finding that they announce the next move when you are nearly on top of it. Therefore not providing enough time for you to visually find it. I did however call Garmin, they advised me to connect it to our computer and do an update to the device. That it should fix that issue, they even offered to send us a free USB cord without me having to request! Now that is customer service right there! I have not had the time to do the update on this device just yet. I will update this post once I have completed that.

Overall we really like this GPS and have no intent of returning it. I am very happy we were able to purchase this product!

My husband plans to run the cord under the dash board and hooking it directly into our Chrysler’s power supply. This way the cord is not dangling around while we are driving. I am concerned that it will become tangled in the steering controls. This way it will be safely tucked away.

Update: We have moved the GPS from the Right corner, to very low in the center. I feel it is less distracting, as well as out of my line of vision here. Also the USB cord they sent (free of charge) arrived in 4 days! That was SPEEDY!

Peddle to the metal, lets go go go!

Peddle to the metal, lets go go go!


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