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Explode The Code Addict

Welcome to our Daily Learning section! Here is where you will find all of our trials and success’ in the world of homeschooling a Sticky Booger!

The Professor has used Explode The Code since day 1 of his journey, and has always loved it! Even now, 3 1/2 years later, he will easily complete his pages interdependently now. At times even, with little to no instruction from me. I ask him to do 2 pages daily but more often than not he is doing 3+ pages! This book is what we use as our warm up, it really gets his gears turning. Something not to hard but not to easy, while getting his hands warmed up for handwriting! I have hopes to use this program all the way to the end. I would love to try out Beyond The Code as well. Have any of you tried this? What are you opinions on it?

When The Professor was in books A,B, and C, we worked together through each page typically doing one page every day of the week and depending on his mood we would sometimes do as many as he wanted. I remember when we first started he did 12 pages in one day! I was so proud of him! My biggest fear of letting him work at that pace was him forgetting things. But he didn’t, this kid has always had spurts every few weeks where he just willingly spends much more time than expected doing many many pages! I am so thankful for his willingness and eagerness to learn!

He was so excited to get his first 100% on the spelling page in book 3!

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