The Crazies

Welcome to our little corner of the world! I’d like to take a moment to introduce my family!

My son, Mason, who will be known as The Professor, is 6 and has been our little guinea pig as we dive into our home learning adventure! He is always wanting to know. I often hear him asking, ‘ hey mom tell me about that’. He loves to hear about everything. Sometimes I think he just wants to hear us talk! He has such a curiosity of the world around him, always studying things with his senses.

Ms. Kaycee, 3, also known as ChubChub, is my personal clone. She gets more than just her looks from me if you know what I mean! She is a very matter of fact kind of gal, or at least tries to be. She is learning to count to five on her fingers, and she is struggling showing me three fingers so instead holds up four, insisting that really she is showing me three. This girl in her mind is never wrong, but when she realizes she is, it is absorbed quietly, with a look of all its own. She has extra sensitive feelings and a confidence shines!

Then there is Baby Emma, aka Mini Moose, she is our youngest and likely last member in our little club. At 1 year old, I am cherishing every moment of her tininess. She is a walking, talking, sticky booger. Just a little smile from mom and dad can make her go from heartbroken to a giggle box. She is growing and changing so fast sometimes I hate to blink!

My husband, Shane, whom I like to call Thumbs. Stole my heart when I was 17! He is my do all guy, and not the kind that does it with duct tape! He always amazes me with his creativity. This man put a car cd player, four car speakers, an amp, and a sub woofer on a lawnmower that goes 35+mph! The things this guy comes up with sometimes!

I guess this is where I tell you a little bit about myself. ::crickets:: No I’m only teasing. Although I am sure you will realize in a snap that my whole world is wrapped up in, Thumbs, The Professor, ChubChub, and Mini Moose!

Mason, Kaycee, and Emma


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