Whats In The Bag

As you all know we are prepping to head out on our road-school adventure! We have worked so hard to downsize all of our belongings including school supplies. So here is what we have left for our 2 homeschoolers!

I have neatly stored and organized everything we need into these two Thirty One Bags, I must say not only are they super cute totes BUT they are the perfect size for what we need!

The smaller of the tote holds The Professors Math U See Blocks, DVD, and CD.  In the front pocket is where we keep The Professors clock from Christian Light Publications. As well as two small dry erase boards.

In the front of the larger tote, I have three pencil pouches that hold all of our pencils, pens, markers, and crayons. On one side pocket we have pencil sharpeners, post it notes, and giant erasers.

The main portion of the large tote holds the good stuff right! This year The Professor is using:

Math- Math U See– The Professor is finishing up Alpha I imagine he will begin Beta around Christmas this year. He also is using, Math Prodigy.

Science- The American Education Complete Book Of Science for grades 1-3

History- Story Of The World Vol.1– We have never used these before but have heard great things! (On our Kindle)

Handwriting- Explode The Code

Reading- anything and everything we can get on our Kindle. He is already reading pretty well so no formal phonics curriculum is needed.

I would love to try Draw Write Now, so if anyone has any insight regarding this curriculum please let me know! I would enjoy hearing your opinions on this.

For ChubChub we are doing a mixture of a few things this year as she is ready and eager to learn to read, so that is our main focus!

Phonics- Explode The Code

Teach your child to read in 100 EZ Lessons (On the Kindle)

Progressive Phonics (On the Kindle)

100 Words, ABC & 1 2 3 Wipe It Clean books from School Zone Publishers

She will also be listening in while we read Story Of The World, as well as participating in science lessons and reading through her Aesop’s Fables coloring book.

Both of the kiddos also use Teach Your Monster To read. The Professor is half way through level two (I should have started him on level 3 but he is enjoying it so I’m letting him play. A little review only hurt. ChubChub is doing level 1, and loving it’s.

The Majority of our text books are all on the Kindle along with over 600 other fiction and nonfiction books. We are big readers around here so having an abundance of books on hand is a must; BUT we had to be able to do so without literally having an abundance of physical books while we travel. So having a Kindle was the best solution. Yes, yes we could have chosen to use our Kindle Fire, or Ipad2, or one of the kids SchoolZone Little Scholar tablets for our eBooks. BUT For our children we needed something that was NOT touch screen. Our kids are ‘clickers’ so having a device for strictly focused reading is a must! TheKindle E ink gives us just that! We love it!

Learning happens everywhere when you bring a Kindle!

Learning happens everywhere when you bring a Kindle!



October 3, 2015 · 4:43 pm

9 responses to “Whats In The Bag

  1. Thank you for the Follow Sticky Booger! It’s exciting to leap out into the unknown, so many great opportunities and experiences can open up that wouldn’t have otherwise by just taking that one step-Best of Luck in your new adventures!


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  3. I love this! I always have a thing for pouches and supplies! They are such an eye candy too!


  4. I always admire your knack for organizing!

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  5. Now I want to get Explode the Code for my kids! How have I not heard of this!? 🙂 I love learning new ways to teach the kids!


    • Explode is amazing, I love it so much, simple and easy for independent work but hard enough for them to still be learning. Patterns in the lessons make it easy for kids to remember directions but enough change to keep them wanting more!


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